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Can I make my partner's nipples more sensitive?

Hi all,

When my partner was in a previous relationship her ex worked her nipples so hard that they are now completely desensitized to the point where I'd have to use a pair of pliers for her to get any sensation! Well, maybe not pliers but certainly pinch, suck or bite real hard on them.

I'd love for her to get aroused from just gently playing with them as she does to me as she has really nice breasts.

Also, one of her nipples is inverted normally but does pop out when we're fooling around and getting toucht feely with each other.

So, what I'd like to know is, are there any techniques anyone knows of to help resensitize her nipples.


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when my wife was young she loved to abuse her nipples to increase her masturbation orgasms, there is a lotion called bovine cream that is used on the teats of cows when they become too raw or "leatherly". I applied the cream to them two times a day making sure to use milking motions on her nipples to get the blood to flow into them. Do this everyday for at least a month, the next step is something that will require both of you to work on. Each time your wife gets in the shower have her use a stiff hard loofa to her nipples using rotating circles around the nipple until they tingle and your wife gets excited, once she completes her shower do the nipple cream process. I wish you luck.

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