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Do women feel sexy when they wear pantyhose or thigh high stockings?

I love when my wife wears her stockings and thigh highs it makes her legs even prettier and sexier. When we first started dating she would wear her skirts and stockings with no problem. but now we have been married 9 years and she does not wear them for me that often, even when we go out somewhere nice. It's like I have to beg her to wear them. Anything she asks me to do or wear, I do it without hesitation. There is an old saying what one won't someone else will.

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The question is... does she feel sexy in general? it's not the clothes, the lingerie, the dresses, it's how see feels about herself.

Do you give her reason to feel sexy? in a vacuum, there is no such thing as "beautiful" or "sexy". these all relate directly to how the person in question relates to others... does she feel extremely sexy when she dresses like that?

So what you should ask her, in all seriousness and without being in any way accusing whatsoever - what makes her feel sexy?

Do you guys go out on dates like you used to? What were you doing back then that you're not doing now?

And also remember that we're always changing and growing as individuals, so what we like will change over time. The question is, what does she do today that makes her feel sexy?

When you've figured that out and you know she feels sexy and desired, you'll havfe a much better chance of her wearing stockings, etc for you. :)

Let us know how it goes!!


I love looking at women wear high heels and stockings they are very sexy. But Women are sexy when they feel that they are


I have a huge fetish for women in nylons! That's my biggest turn on when I see women in pantyhose, stockings, and high-heels. Doesn't seem to be too popular with ladies nowadays. A lot of women say they feel uncomfortable (the way the garments feel) and so they don't care to wear them. You can't make your lady do anything but if it were my girl I would hope she would at least wear that stuff once in awhile for me!:)

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