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How can I convince my wife to let me perform oral sex on her?

I am 45 years old and have recently remarried to a wonderful woman of the same age. My wife will not let me perform oral sex on her yet she very enthusiastically performs oral sex on me. I try not to push the issue but I would really like to return the favor. How can I convince her that it can be very enjoyable. She tells me that she has only experienced one orgasm in her 45 years and I would like to change that if at all possible.

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That is actually fairly common. My experience is that women are often concerned about a bad smell or taste for their partner. The best way is to begin kissing her all over her body and slowly work that way. Kiss her stomach, hips, and thighs without even any intention of going further. Over several times of making love work that way. If she still stops you, then respect her wishes.

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Hi Mtpate,

I suggest finding out what her concerns are. There could be "deeper" problems that might affect other areas of lovemaking as well. Be very gentle in asking, but still I think you should make it clear that you´re ready to respect her wishes, but want a reason. After all, no harm in TRYING anything (safe) at least once... If she gives you a "really good" reason, however, then you need to back up and tell her you won´t push it.

Good luck!

Please browse posts first - maybe your question has already been asked and answered. If it concerns size, it definitely has!


I wish I was your wife... I am having the issue of my boyfriend not wanting to give back to me.. He loves oral done to him, but he will not return the favor. He won't even french kiss me or even touch or kiss me in other regions of my body. I tell him what I want to experience but he refuses to listen to my wants. He thinks I make too big of a deal about sex an there are more important things in our relationship to focus on.... So I hope your wife finally lets you do the deed. I am wanting it so bad, but I just basically have given up and have settled with the knowledge it's not going to happen I just need to deal with it... it is what it is.... well good luck.. :)

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