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How do virginity breaks during first time sex?

hello people...

I'm just curious. & I myself get confused.

how to females virginity breaks during first time sex?

what happened? is there blood?

& must is have come out blood when the virgin break?

or when the penis enters the vigina & it feels tights?

there are so many different kind of ans. i found in yahoo & google.

which is true?

help please. i would love to know more.

thank you :)

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Your virginity doesn't break. It's called the hymen.

Some hymen's are broken due to tampons and sometimes sports.

Bleeding is usually associated with the breaking of the hymen, the amount varies from person to person.

The penis will break the hymen when inserted, and it can sometimes be a little painful. The tightness is from your vagina, but it will adjust to his penis over time.


Most women actually have their hymen broken before they ever lose their virginity, and there's a very good chance you're in that category. I don't know how everyone's first time was, but I can tell you about mine. Nothing "broke" and I didn't bleed at all. It did hurt at first, but not bad enough that I felt like I needed to ask my boyfriend to stop. Actually, the pain went away really quickly as soon as he started moving. I'll be honest; the first time I did it wasn't overly painful, but I definitely did not get what the big deal was with sex. However, it was my boyfriend's first time too, and once we got some practice, I understood why people love sex. It probably started feeling good (as opposed to not really feeling like anything) the third or fourth time we did it. My advice is, have your first time with someone you trust. It probably won't be overly painful, and you probably won't bleed, but you'll be much more relaxed if you know the guy your with will stop if he's hurting you--and being more relaxed should make it hurt less in turn :) Good luck.


to Xero & mojibake_theory

Thank you so much for your help. i really appreciate it. :)

but how to check if the hymen breaks or not without checking to the doctor & besides blood & sex etc.

what i meant was how do we check it ourself?

even if we did or didn't have sex. or might forget if they had sex or been raped etc.

i just want to understand more about this.

i've been curious-ing for about 3 years. :)

really appreciate for you people help.


Again the hymen may not be there due to tampons or sports and it may have had already broke. The case is going to be different for every girl.

I don't know how old you are, but if you want to know if you still have yours you can kind of just look.

I'm not a girl and I don't want my word to be what you are going off of because I am not sure if I am correct.

My best suggestion would to be, either have you and your partner look at the entrance of your vagina, there you should be able to see it. Or just go down there and try to insert your finger into your vagina. Not all of it may be there any more.

Again I'm a male, and I don't have all the answers on how a woman's parts work down there.

If you do either of these remember you are doing it at your own will. I carry no responsibility in what you choose to do.


Ashie wrote:

but how to check if the hymen breaks or not without checking to the doctor & besides blood & sex etc. what i meant was how do we check it ourself?.
From your post, it was not clear whether you are a girl or a guy.

A girl can take a look at it herself by sitting down on the bed, opening up her legs and holding a mirror up to the vaginal opening. The hymen is a ring of tissue inside the vaginal opening with a hole in the middle of it. If it is still intact, it will look like O (though a little thicker than that). If it is broken, it will look like U or C or something similar (it may have more torn in more than one place).


Snow White, thank you.

I'm a girl. well, i actually don't know how to check.

didn't think of your suggestion.

thank you for your help. appriciate it:)


what happens to the penis when involved in virginity loss - at the time of first intercourse ??

photo Moderator

Nothing happens to the penis. No worries :-)

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