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I Love My Moms Feet Is This Wierd?

my mom has the sexiest feet ive ever seen i wanna lick and suck her toes so badly and i want her to give me a footjob i love womens feet in geneal but she has some sexy feet i dream allmost every night about licking and sucking her toes and what it would feel like if she gave me a footjob i touch her feet all the time she really doesnt like it i tried to lick her foot one time but she said if i did she would slap me im pretty sure by now she knows i have a foot fetish she thinks its weird but i love her feet someone help me out

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Dear Footfetish,I understand your feelings and fetish because my boys have a foot fetish too. I don't know why they have it cause I hate feet and so does their dad,but it happens. I think the only thing that seems weird is that it is your mom. Sigmund Freiud..not sure of spelling talked of mother son love. You are probably a teen and learning about your sexual feelings etc. and it is natural to have feelings of all kinds. Sometimes it is confusing too. I would say to try to find someone else's feet to fantasize over because it is kind of like incest fantasizing of your mom's feet and if she did let you do what you want she could go to jail for it. Find a nice girl at school or a neighbor or someone else that has nice feet. I don't know what else to tell you to help you. The hard part is when we focus on something so much we want it and then we do it. So try to divert your mind to something else when you find yourself having those thoughts. take care and good luck,

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