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Is a 6inch penis big?

my girlfriend always say i have a small penis. She tells me that i can never plesure her during intercourse. I cant stand it anymore im getting fed up of hering that everyday so i just wanna no and im thinking of leaving her!

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I've heard it's above average. I know someone whose husband's is 6 inches, and she's a small person (about 5'4") and she's said it even hurts sometimes.

So I wouldn't say you were small.

I would say that size isn't everything and that you might want to read around on this site--there are all kinds of tips to help guys pleasure women in bed.


Your penis is certainly not small. It's probably on the high side of average.

If she's unhappy with the sex it may have to do with your style, not your size. If so, she should tell you what she wants, not just say she doesn't like it.

Or.....maybe it's just an excuse because she wants to be with someone else and she's using a hurtful statement to push you away.

Don't worry about your size - you aren't small. Watch the videos here about how to be a better lover. Or just break up with her because she is being a jerk.


I think SamIam is right. You're on the high side of average. She could just be being hateful and trying to make you feel bad, or maybe her body is built in a way that does require a little more size.

I know enough to tell you that you shouldn't feel bad for having a six-inch penis. There are some guys who would kill for that. And also like Sam said, some girls can't handle larger sizes.

Have you tried sex toys? If you are willing to do other things to please her, and she still isn't satisfied, well, maybe it's time to find a more considerate partner.


Wow, what a bitch. Leave her now. A six inch penis is not in any measure small. In fact it's above average.

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