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My boyfriend loves to smell my used panties, is this unusual or are there others like this?

Is this very common? I don't mind this but just wondering about what other people think.

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Actually this is a very common fantasy. I won't say like 1 in every 3 guys does it or anything, but many men, and even women, are very aroused by smelling used panties. It's difficult to classify the reason behind this because everyone has their own reasons for being into what they are into. However I would posit that MOST people who do this, it's about mental association. The used panties are NOT the object of attraction, it's what they symbolize, what they are associated with. I saw a funny poster once that showed a close-up of a woman's panties and it read: "PANTIES: Not the best thing in the world but right next to it!" It was true, the panties aren't typically what causes the excitement, it's what they conceal, what they touch, what they accent.

If your boyfriend is smelling your panties, don't think of it in terms of "eww he's smelling used undies", think of it from his perspective, he's smelling YOU on your panties, and that's the smell that excites him. Talk to him about it, see why he likes it. It's not an uncommon fantasy at all, and is VERY common in erotica, read some erotic stories sometimes, and you will find DETAILED explanations of this interest.


I have to say, I have yet to do it. But would like to.

Ask him why he does it. I bet you he will have an answer.


I suspect you aren't completely okay with it. You say you "don't mind" but you then ask us what we think. So there is some part of you that is uncomfortable.

My guess is that it probably isn't THAT common (I've never done it) but some percentage of men (and perhaps lesbians?) do it. There's no harm in it.

It's a male thing, for sure. I can't imagine many women wanting to smell their guy's underwear!

Maybe you could have a little fun with this - put some fragrance on them from time to time. It could be something fun like orange oil, patchouli oil, cinnamon oil, etc. You could make a game out of guessing what it is. It would be a play on his interest and make it fun for you rather than seeming like an odd thing for him to do.


Well I like to smell my girlfriend's panties when she is gone...

But it's not always because it turns me on, just because I miss her and it makes me happy to smell her :)


This is very common for men. I like to smell my wife's panties and I travel a lot with my work. She will sneak a pair of her worn panties in my suit case for me to find when I get to my destination. She will then call me that evening and ask if I found anything special that she left for me. This usually turns into some hot phone sex between us. She likes to tell me to smell them as she talks to me and will instruct me to masturbate at the same time. Now if it was anyone besides my wife that would just be weird but between me and my wife it is such a turn on.


oh yes men enjoy sniffing panties


Most men enjoy smelling panties, would be hard not to find a guy who has not smelled a pair at some point in there life. All men love panties its just something we guys have a fascination with. Panties are close to that certain female part that drives us men crazy, the sight, the smells and there are few men who can resist panties, and when the real thing is not available the next best thing is a pair of panties with those scents on it. LOTS of guys do this and that are are many woman who accept this and even get turned on by a guy who uses there panties. Using panties is totally normal and most guys cannot resist examining a pair of panties laying on the floor, or in the hamper or laying in a pile of cloths ready for the wash.


Women don't understand why men sniff panties because they're built differently than men. The vagina produces a substance known as "copulance," which has an incredibly powerful effect on men. When men smell it, it causes them to lose the ability to tell an attractive woman from an unattractive woman. It causes instant arousal and instant attraction. Copulance is produced particularly while the woman is ovulating.

Long ago, before women wore panties, or clothes for that matter, this scent was effective at arousing a male and letting him know she was fertile. Today women wear underwear, which absorbs these scents. So the only time a man can access these scents is during sex or if he finds a pair of dirty panties. Because men do not produce a substance like copulance there is no direct correlation for women. Thus women don't quite understand the panty-sniffing thing.

Men do produce certain smells in their sweat which tells the woman about his genetic code. If he's a good genetic match for her, and she is ovulating, she will be attracted to scent of the man's sweat. However, the smell of a man's sweat to a woman is no where near as powerful as copulance is on men.


Men like sex and anything that reminds them of sex turns them on. Some Men will even pay for panties of porn stars. I for one would ask for on would ask my girl for one of her panties that I could masturbate on while she is not around. I would cut a whole in the panty then attach it to a fleshlight then put my cock through the hole in the panty and into the fleshlight then think about making love to my girl.

Its interesting all the animals only have sex during periods when the female is fertile while humans have it all the time.


I’m sure you guys have heard of an

aphrodisiac? That’s what women give off from between their legs and some men who

are lucky to have a partner that was richly blessed with these clean and natural

virginal fumes may not be able to resist the smell of it all. Like delicate meats

are marinated in exquisite spices nature has its way of marinating a young and

healthy woman’s punani. I call it the scent of a woman or the flower power of

females. Its definitely what men don’t have and never will have so that’s why

they just love it. Nature fashioned females in a way that is to the direct

opposite of males so as to keep the attraction poles between high at all times.

The scent of a woman’s private part starts to give itself off from her early

age of puberty up to her late years before menopause. Soon after menopause sets

in, she loses this sweet scent. All if not most women naturally give off this sweet

and sexy scent even stronger when they are ovulating. This is similar to the

musky smell that male gazelles give off to attract female gazelles. With humans

it’s the other way around. Isn’t that awesome? The scent of a woman’s private part,

especially a young and healthy woman, who is probably still in her teens, is so

strong that even the male organ can become erect and reach an orgasm if the one

thing is held against the other. It’s a sick and addictive practice but has been

proven by experience for experiment.

The crust that dries up from a

woman’s discharge and the fumes that sometimes even permeates to a woman’s entire

body and clothing and gets trapped there has the power to turn men on and make

realise how “sexy” and attractive these female are or can be. This scent is unlike

jasmine that smells sweet but tastes bitter. It’s to prove that the source of

the discharge is a tasty as the scent. Some private parts, especially that of

teenagers is so powerful in richness of flavour that a man who does not believe

in God will call upon His holy name as he ejaculates.

Any such good thing that gets

trapped by the underwear could be worth appreciating reaching heights of one’s sexual

fantasises play an important role in keeping love and attraction alive. Females in some cultures who wash off their punanis

frequently after urinating are at the risk of losing this scent. If at all, it persists,

it will be give off very faint scent that is hardly noticeable. What a woman

eats (her diet) also affects the way she smells (give and take, good or bad).

To all the men who have women with pussies as sweet and young as virgin,

congratulations. (You have reason to be in church each Sunday, or the synagogue

or mosque each day without fail.

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