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Penis size

I'm 15 right now and well I think I would say I'm 5 inches maybe smaller when hard. I'm also a virgin. There is this girl at work and she keeps telling me how since I'm 6 foot five she thinks I have this monster nine inch penis and girth of like 6 inches it's crazy. I obviously don't want to tell her I have a small penis but if me and her end up having sex she's obviously going to be let down. Also I was watching one of your videos and you said the penis grows while you're growing taller. Well my problem with that is I've already grown! I'm 15, 6 foot five and not growing to fast anymore so am I going to be stuck with a 5 inch penis or will it grow? Also I'm pretty over weight I'm around 270 and it's obviously not all muscle I would say 60% is fat maybe more I was just wondering I always see in pornos the guys with I guess a bit of a gut have the more average and smaller penises but the "shredded" guys or healthy guys have these just long as heck penises. I already work out and am trying to lose the weight but if I lost my gut and became super fit would my penis maybe I don't know start growing or be a lot bigger?

Thank you so much

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Welcome to the forums. This is the first question about penis size in a long time that actually raised a new issue.

First, being overweight makes the penis appear shorter, because fat covers part of the base. If you lose the extra fat, your penis will indeed be longer from base to tip.

Second, being overweight is a vicious circle. If you gain weight, your testosterone drops, making it easier to gain weight.... One thing you need to do is get a good physical to make sure there isn't an underlying physical problem, such as low testosterone or a thyroid problem. You specificallly need to ask for a testosterone level, because those aren't always part of a routine physical.

Lifting weights and getting fit in general is great, because it will increase testosterone. The more lean muscle you build the more calories you burn and the more testosterone you have, making it easier to build muscle. So it becomes an upward spiral. You won't regret getting in shape. It's so much more than body image. Studies show that not only are in-shape people healthier, they earn more money, get more promotions, and generally feel better about themselves. I haven't been able to find any studies that if you increase testosterone at 15, it will increase penis size. You have nothing to lose by getting in shape, however.

Normally, penis size isn't that big a deal in actual relationships, as long as size is within the range considered normal, which you obviously are. If this girl is expecting the size you describe, I would clarify with her before going into a sexual situation with her. Otherwise, I'd never mention it.

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Hi Adrian,

5 inches is actually not that bad, it is in the normal range. Penis size and height are not always related (sort of like breast size and height in women aren´t either).

It is possible that your being overweight had something to do with your penis size, if you are really very overweight and not just "chubby". Fat cells produce estrogen, a female hormone men normally have little of. So if you have many big fat cells, you might get effeminate over time, especially if the fat cells are overactive during normal growth periods - meaning that being obese in your teens will have more impact than being obese in your forties with respect to penis size/effemination.

My advice is: stop watching porn and comparing yourself to that. That is like girls watching America´s Next Topmodel and wondering why they can´t be this tall&slim.

Watching porn is like watching a fantasy movie. It is entertainment, and fun, but it is not reality you see.

One more thing: I think that if by some miracle scientists developed a pill that men could take that would grow their penises to the desired length, earth population would significantly drop. All the men would walk around with monster penises and the women would want nothing to do with them. Very few women really want those huge things - most are happiest with an average Joe.

My guess is that this girl is trying to flirt with you, and she has no clue she is making you uncomfortable. She might just be thinking that young men like to talk about their penises^^

Don´t worry too much. You´ll be fine with 5 inches, even if that is the end of the line. And usually, boys grow longer than girls, they reach their final height around age 19 instead of 16 like girls, so there is still a little wiggle room, especially if you continue to lose weight!


Weight definitely is a contributing factor. My penis "grew" by a full inch when I lost weight (I still have some weight left to lose too). Diet and exercise mate. It'll take some discipline (the first 2 weeks are the hardest), but once you get into a routine/habit, the weight should just fall off.

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