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small penis in erection

Hi guys,

I'm a girl, but asking for a good friend of mine, because his self-confidence has gone way below zero. He never had a relationship before, but he had sex, but he's like ashamed due to his penis size in erection. He didn't give me the exact size, but it was kind of between 5-11 cm in erection. That's considered as normal but small. (Think an inch = 2,54 cm)

Couldn't talk it out of his head, that there are different positions, and that nothing is wrong if he gives her pleasure. But I'm not quite an expert in those things. Told him that if he had a relationship, he also could give her pleasure with his hands, or maybe even certain devices.

Now I've done some reading, and I came across a technique called Jelqing... like streching to enlarge the penis.

But so many different techniques on the internet. And if u do it wrong u can do damage.

Any of the guys out there has tried it out? Did it help? Or any other recommandations...?

I heard cockrings could also help a bit...but think that's not permanent so... any advice on those?

I'm not very found on pills or penis enlargements, because they have huge side-effects, which could cause even more problems for him.

Optic tricks are also welcome, because he's ashamed to undress in front of girls, etc. Maybe shaving the area, I heared losing weight helps? But don't know if that could change a thing. He's quite chubby.

My friend really doesn't deserve to be this unhappy. It's in his head too, I know, but still. He said he would be so happy if he had like a 'normal' size.


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I would not do anything internet related. The risk usually out weighs the benefit.

How old is your friend? Every one hits puberty at a different age, and males are usually later in their life. It can start around 13 and not end until their 20's.

Shaving the area will make it look bigger but thats mostly all thats going to do.

You are correct on the pleasure aspect. Size doesn't matter its what you can do with it, or the things you can do.

Its not the size of the sword that matters, Its how you wield it.


ye, I forgot about the age aspect. He's 29.


You could maybe get him to go out and do some weight lifting that could in crease testosterone levels which would in turn "could" make his erection/penis bigger.


Most men feel very anxious around women if they are unable to achieve erection at will (which a lot have this problem). There is a ton of anxiety that goes on about first impressions, and the main thing to remember about penises, big or small, especially among the lighter skinned races is, the size differential between soft and hard can be A LOT.

Mass media is often blamed for increasing self doubt and poor self esteem in women by it's focus on "larger breasts", by a similar extent, a common entertainment form for men, Pornography, can be to blame for increasing poor self esteem in men.

The whole question of "does size matter?" always enters into it. The honest answer given by people is "yes, it does matter", however that is not the entirety of it, it should be "yes, it does matter, to some people".

I'd say it's more about who you meet, than how you impress them. Ultimately, while good sex leads to good relations, bigger penises have no correlation with better relationships, even if it leads to better sex for SOME. Also, there is such a thing as too big, the thing to remember is women also come in all shapes and sizes, some vaginas are extremely tight, and these porn monster cocks would HURT them, some vaginas are also shallower, and a 4-5 inch cock would fill it up quite nicely. Not to mention despite the "porn myths", most women PREFER smaller for anal sex.

IF you are going to trust the internet for any help in this, I'd say instead of looking for miracle "growth" cures, most of which are fallacious, focus instead on finding either support groups if any exist that are designed to boost the self esteem of people like him, or suggest e-dating, in which it is for many who try it, far easier to get acquainted with people on a personal level, and go beyond the issues of physical first impressions, and you get to know what a person is really like, although some people would not even dare try this, for whatever personal conviction, but it's worth a shot to recommend. E-dating covers a wide spectrum from specialty dating sites for specific religions or interests (like gaming or outdoors) to broad range ones like or eharmony (neither of which I would recommend personally), all the way to explicit adult themed ones which help people find partners for sex (which even that can be used, there is, believe it or not, some women who have fetishes related to smaller penises, and some who don't care about size at all).

IF you are going to suggest any drug at all, instead of some miracle growth drug, I'd go for something like viagra or cialis that will help him have an erection WHEN he needs it for that first impression, so he can, as you say, make it "appear" bigger.

Hope it helps.


Iv seen studies on penis growth and anything Internet related, forget it. The only real way to enlarge the size would be through medical treatment (see a doc). Penis pumps, pills and stretching exorcises can either do nothing or cause damage.

Its true, some girls do like the average size or bigger "man snake" but I feel most don't care too much. There is a lot to sex then inserting the penis. Foreplay is a huge area a lot of men avoid and one that is very important. Many a porn star quote "penis size isnt too important if they give good head".


I've personally gained nearly an inch and a half (1.4 inches) in extra erect length with penis enlargement exercises. My flaccid penis size is also much larger now.

It might sound like it's really not supposed to work, but it truly is an amazing thing. Sounds kind of scary too, but as long as you avoid pressure on the dorsal nerve, then there will be no problems with erections.

Jelquing is one important aspect of penis enlargement. Stretching, engorging the penis with more blood and then squeezing the head, stretching while kegeling, there are lots of exercises, that contrary to what you may assume, can actually SAFELY increase the size of your penis.

Due to the increase in blood flow... these exercises actually promote stronger erections... I know of a few men in their 50's and 60's who say they've even regained solid morning wood after beginning penis enlargement exercises, and all around stronger erections.

For a safe and effective guide to penis enlargement exercises, as well as before and after photo proof that penis enlargement works, check out my site.

As to losing weight, it will not make his penis bigger, but due to the reduction in the size of his belly, he will be able to see and use more of his penis.

Other than that, if it's way too small, your friend may want to consider a penile enlargement surgery.


I won't say enlarging one's penis can't happen with exercise but Im very iffy about the whole thing.

I'v looked at your website Mr. Manpower and its the usual "pay for this to get a bigger penis" webpage. Maybe post some helpful information on the forum itself? :p

Frankly I think they should see their local doc for help. As a first step anyway.


Hey Grotesque:

Happy New Years man. I saw your comment on my ejaculation control advice. Very on point.

The thing is I include a whole lot of stuff in my guide, way more than simple penis enlargement, and well, it's how I make a living... selling this info that's helping out a lot of men with their sex life

Send me a personal message with your e-mail address, and I'll go ahead and send you a free copy of my guide to show you that there really is a way to make your penis bigger.

Don't want to be known as another BS product out there...


I increased my penis by 2 inches in 4 years from jelqing and stretching exercises. Then I bought a penis extender (AndroPenis) and so far I've increased 0.5 inches in 6 months.

The exercises work properly if you do "progressive overload" and you use a hot wet flannel to loosen the ligament in the penis.

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