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White Creamy Stuff Coming from a Vagina

So my girlfriend and I were having sex and I was fingering her, a bit of both. haha

And I look down and theres a white creamy thick paste-like substance was coming out of the end of her vagina and it got on my penis and then my finger. Shortly after it got on me, it got kinda dry and squishy. I googled stuff and I THINK its just something that happens sometimes during sex, but I just wanted to make sure I knew what it was. At first I was worried it was chlamydia, but I highly doubt it. Plus we're both each others firsts. Does anyone know exactly what this is???

It freaked me out and made me kinda queezy, but I need to know what it was. Thanks!

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same thing happens with my gf, idk i never really questioned it lol. i asked her if it was from me or her when i took my dick out of her cuz it looked a lil like jiz but it was from her she said


Hallo, here is what I think:

to know what exactly what it was we would need to send that white something to the lab...but lets try to figure out what it might been.

If your girlfriend happen to have this witish vaginal "discharge" only when she is having sex or is sexually arous, then it probably is only the liquid her body naturaly produces when she is excited. I this is the case, then she wa sprobably having lots of fun with you.

However if she is having white discharge all day long, then she might a have some vaginal infection like yeast (candida) or maybe bacteril infection. These kind of discharges might also be smelly, itchy, make her vagina very sensitive....but it is not always the case. In any case, if she is in the second group, the she will need to see her doctor and receive a treatment, and her doctor will most likely give her some prescription for you too. PLease keep in mind that to know exact diagnosis, one needs to see a doctor. I once had candida and bacterial infection in the same time, and then i needed medecine for both.

Hope this helps


I had a girlfriend who had the same 'discharge" which occurred when she was aroused. It's NOT a bad thing. It is her lubrication which is clear for most women but white for some. She might ask her doctor to be sure but I wouldn't otherwise worry about it. If you are one another's firsts then it can't be chlamydia.

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