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Why won't my boyfriend go down on me anymore?

My boyfriend of 3 years use to go down on me when we first started dating, not all the time, but I thought that it was just him getting use to me and what to do to please me. He very rarely does anymore, He has 3 times in the last year and not for more than a minute. I try to enjoy it, but when I look to him his eyebrows are frowning and he is barely there. I really really enjoy oral sex. I crave going down on his and desire it just as much. There is no question about cleanliness or any other issue's. I have never had a man be like this about going down on me. My Ex-husband would go down on me several times during sex. I try to turn around to the 69 position when I am down on him and other times I will position myself encouraging him to go down, I have even tried nudging his head to go down there and he stops at my breast. I am confused and very frustrated about it. I have asked him when in a way that would hint that I am wanting it, and asked during sex if he would go down on me. The best I get is I will or a quick peck and then he is back up to the top. I am frustrated and confused. What should I do?

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Sex and sex acts is different for everyone. Not everyone likes all the activities in sex and basing in on what you wrote, it seems he doesn't like going down on you and trying to force him to will only make him resentful.

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Instead of hinting and nudging, I would plain ask him about this in a neutral setting and without blaming. It is quite possible he just does not like it, but maybe there is a specific reason, something you could change or work on. But if you don´t talk about this, you can´t find out!


I would ask him why he wont go down on you. I guess he might be thinking its unsanitary the urethra is close by and he wouldn't want to be licking urine. I heard a woman needs twenty minutes of clitoral stimulation to get off before penetration.

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